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Please note that this booking request form is only for a party of 6 or less people. Our modest size means late cancellations affect us greatly, please try to let us know in plenty of time.

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All group booking requests should be placed through our Group booking form by clicking below.
Visit the Venue page to see the capacities at our restaurant or go directly to:

7 people or more
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We require a minimum of 6 hours to process your booking request. This service is provided as a request facility only. Your reservation will not be guaranteed until we have contacted you to confirm your booking. Mosob reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed bookings.


Family recipes, prepared fresh on the premises

Our menu is based on our mother’s recipes, which have been tried, tested and loved by our family and friends. It features lamb, beef and poultry, as well as a range of vegetarian choices. If you’re not sure where to start, just ask. We can talk you through the menu, and make recommendations.

Experience the Food

A guide to the Eritrean way of dining

Food GuideThis is where we will usher you in to some of the main ingridients of the Eritrean cusine. Injera and berbere being the most important. The dining expirience is also unique so we will show how to eat.. » more

Food Menu

Indulge in vibrant flavours

Food MenuOur food menu feature a selection of wonderful meat dishes and some viabrant vegetarian meals to fulfil your appetite. You will taste all kinds of spices which shows the diverse history of the.. » more

Set Group Menu

Share with friends and try many dishes

Set Group MenuWe prepared this menu to better cater for groups so that they can try a variety of dishes than to select from the menu. This is also perfect for first timers who have never had Eritrean food before.. » more

Drinks Menu

African beers to quench your thirst

Drinks MenuWe have carefully chosen the drinks we have on the menu so as to compliment the meals we serve. There is also the traditional coffee ceremony to take you back in time as coffee was drunk.. » more