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Please note that this booking request form is only for a party of 6 or less people. Our modest size means late cancellations affect us greatly, please try to let us know in plenty of time.

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All group booking requests should be placed through our Group booking form by clicking below.
Visit the Venue page to see the capacities at our restaurant or go directly to:

7 people or more
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We require a minimum of 6 hours to process your booking request. This service is provided as a request facility only. Your reservation will not be guaranteed until we have contacted you to confirm your booking. Mosob reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed bookings.


It’s a family affair

Mosob is a family business established in September 2004. It is this, the family spirit, love and harmony that we bring to the plate in the real sense when serving each dish.

the mosob family

About the company's name

Mosob is a traditional handwoven serving table where people will gather to eat together. For us, it captures the communal spirit in which Eritreans share their meals.

company's name - original mosob
company's name - sketch of mosob
company's name - mosob logo

From humble beginings to what we are today

When Mosob first opened it was a diffferent addition to the diverse cultural landscape of Maida Hill. It’s gradual growth from humble beginings is clearly highlighted in the way the decor and setup of the establishment has improved. In 2007 we undertook a complete refurbishment of the premesis to make sure the restaurant can meet the demands of our growing customer base.

Beforethe bennings
Aftercompany today


m: musculine
f: feminine
me: musculine elderly
fe: feminine elderly
Hello - Selam/Merhaba
Good bye - Selamat/Chaw
Yes - E’we
Thank you - Yeq'niyeley
How are you?
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Kemey alek'um (me)
Kemey alek'en (fe)
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Men’u shimka (m)
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Men’u shimken (fe)
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Bejak,i (f)
Bejak'um (me)
Bejak'en (fe)
Where are you from?
Kabey ik’a (m)
Kabey ik’i (f)
Kabey ik’um (me)
Kabey ik’en (fe)

established 2004